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So ...... What exactly are the " signs from the Universe " ?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

And how do I know it's a "Sign" ?

A sign can come to you in many different ways or formats.

  • Visual ≈ Something you see, maybe something unusual or out of place, some

thing that catches your eye, maybe a shape or colour.


  • Audible Maybe a song or a sound in nature, something someone has said or you may have overheard in a conversation.


  • Smell A smell that you wouldn’t expect in the environment that you’re in. A smell that holds a particular or distant memory.


  • Touch Shivers or tingles in your body, your hair on your arms standing up on end. Maybe a flutter or your stomach turning over.


  • Thoughts or Downloads A thought comes into your mind totally random or unexpectedly.


  • Sixth sense or Intuition Something is telling you to maybe go left or take a different action or direction than maybe you were going to. Or sometimes it tells you to not do anything just yet !


They come in many different forms and at all sorts of times of the day.

So why I can hear you asking, should I take any notice of these signs ? Well the reason you should is because they are like little messages or notes for you to follow your souls path. They are there to guide you along your soul’s pathway or life’s journey.

For example if you were in nature somewhere, you would say expect to smell wood, or the earth or maybe a salty seaweed smell, but instead you smell something very random like strawberries or fruit !

Or a song comes on the radio that has a vivid or strong emotional memory for you, or maybe the lyrics are very relevant to you at that precise time. Or maybe you tune into a station that is at that precise time talking about something you need to hear.

When something catches your eye and you pay attention to it, or maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about recently and suddenly it’s there right in front of you. You know when you’ve been thinking about a certain person you haven’t seen or heard from for a long while, and suddenly you bump into them or they call you !

Sometimes these messages are really subtle and you hardly notice them and sometimes they smack you straight in the eye ! so take notice !

So what should I do when a sign comes to me ? take notice is the short answer, try not to over analyse your sign. Usually the first thing that comes into your head after seeing, smelling or feeling the sign will be the message. It’s a very personal thing to you, so someone else’s interpretation on it may not be the message, so just trust your instincts and your interpretation of what you have seen, smelt, felt or heard as this will be the true message for you.

Its always a good idea to keep a record of your signs as we can easily forget them in the coming weeks and months. Keeping a record also reaffirms our signs and is great to look back on to see how your journey of " the signs " has played out or influenced your life. So I have created this FREE DOWNLOAD for you, so as you can start to journal " Your signs from the Universe "

Download ZIP • 46KB

Download ZIP • 186KB

Happy Journaling !

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