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The Power of Possibility, be guided by the stars.

Will 2024 be YOUR year ?

Are you ready to be the BEST version of you in all areas of your life?

My friend/mentor/coach Sam Selby is running a truly life changing FREE Astrology and Energy Healing Extravaganza starting on Saturday 25th November at 10am UK time.

This is for you if you feel you are on the precipice of so much more………but something has been stopping you from taking the leap and flying……

This is for you if you know that there is a guiding presence (The Universe, Source, God etc) and want to feel more connected to your Soul Pathway and Purpose.

This is for you if you follow the Moon, you feel her presence or you have an awareness of astrology, you don't need to be an expert, just an interest or open-mindedness about the divine power of the Planets.

This is for you if you want to live a happier, more successful life, without compromising time with your loved ones, it's not a myth, you really CAN have both.

This is for you if you KNOW that the relationships in your life play a key role in how you feel, your personal happiness and sense of empowerment.

If you have a row with your partner over the phone or lose your temper with your child on the school run, how does that affect your day?

If you snap when asked a question because there are too many other things in your head, do you feel guilty for days?

If the answer is yes, you struggle to concentrate, you go over and over what happened and feel bad, desperately wanting to sort it all out (but knowing that it will probably happen again…) you need to join Sam and receive her intuitive guidance, grounded wisdom and teachings.

She specialises in the energetics of relationships, the one you have with yourself, AND the ones you have with everyone else.

Sam believes they are the cornerstone your whole life is built upon, strong foundations mean sustainable success, being the best version of you in ALL areas of your life, home, work, business, when you are having fun and when enjoying some time out.

Sam’s events are NOT just about learning interesting things, you will also receive deeply transformational healing of soul wounds, emotional pain AND energetic up-levelling so you can embrace ALL the opportunity that 2024 has to offer and there is a LOT apparently!

" I have attended her live sessions and they are truly out of this world experiences. She did an impromptu energy release on my breathing in one of her FREE sessions, and I have to say it was truly LIFE CHANGING ! after struggling over the last 4 years or so with my asthma and panic attacks, Sam cleared a huge energetic block in my lungs and I’ve not had any more panic attacks and can now breathe with ease. "

There is also a prize draw to win a 1-2-1 with Sam worth £500!

Use this link to join Sam and myself for the energetic up-levelling of the year.

Show me a comment below.

Love & Light

Helen xx


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