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Are you In Flow ?.......... No

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

How do you know if your In Flow ?

In Flow

When your " In flow " every thing you do goes well, your journey to work or the supermarket goes smoothly. Your day goes according to plan, no unexpected hurdles crop up and derails you ! You get unexpected " Wins " throughout the day, like something was reduced in price that you weren't expecting, a parking space becomes available just in the right place for you, things like that. That's when your " In Flow " and it feels great !

  • Your day goes well, everything goes according to plan.

  • Nothing annoys or irritates you.

  • unexpected nice things happen to you, something you buy is on offer or is cheaper.

  • A parking space is free just where you want to park.

  • The lunch you just ordered not only looks great but tastes amazing.

  • people smile and interact with you in a friendly loving manner.

  • Your optimistic and feel an air of positivity around you.

  • You can feel energised but also relaxed and calm at the same time.

  • Life feels good


When your " Stagnating " , it's like your stuck, not going anywhere, doing a lot of procrastination, not getting anything done and feeling pretty miserable and down about it. That's what being "Stagnant " feels like.

  • When things just aren't happening for you.

  • You can't get anything done.

  • You procrastinate about everything.

  • You feel deflated, flat and non.

  • You get a feeling of overwhelm, and can't be bothered.

  • You can't see much of a future ahead of you.

  • It feels a bit Meh !

Energy Reversal

When your energy is in a " Reversal " oh ! boy do you know it ! You feel like your being pulled from pillar to post constantly, it's a case of 1 step forwards and 2 steps back. Not getting anywhere in all ares of your life, in fact you feel like someone has attached a big bungee rope to your back and is pulling you backwards all the time. This can feel pretty frustrating to say the least !

  • Constantly feeling frustrated about everything.

  • Can't seem to get on top of anything.

  • Get one task done and then something else comes along and derails everything.

  • It's a bit like renovating a house, you think you have a few things to do, but end up doing a WHOLE lot more than you expected !

  • Feels like your going backwards all the time.

  • Feels like ever decreasing circles,

So, I hope that's explained a little bit about the different states of flow that you can experience, and why sometimes you feel like you do, but don't understand why ! We will look into this a lot deeper in another post, but for now keep aligning to " In Flow ".


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