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Aquarius season is here.


Today I want to talk to you about the sun moving into Aquarius where it will remain until the 18th of Feb. you may have noticed that the daylight is extending each day as the acceleration of daylight will speed up now that the sun is in Aquarius . Yay !

Aquarius is a masculine outward moving energy and it's all about how you show up in groups and the wider community or humanity.

So with the energy of Aquarius we are being invited to consider the energy of what if….. ? Aquarius asks us to consider the outside world and all of humanity. As a whole energy it is asking you to consider the different possibilities of what if …….. and to be open to what happens.

It gives us the opportunity to see a different viewpoint, the point of view from above ( the universe ) and were not talking the point of view from another person here, it's inviting us to recognise the power of connection with other people.

Have you noticed recently particularly the last 2 years that you have pulled back from human connection ? Are you reluctant to reconnect, connect and re-engage with other people and the outside world ?

Aquarius is asking us to connect back with humanity and people and groups and to re-engage with them.

With the sun in Aquarius we will feel more inclined to do something out of the norm, which should help us get out of a stagnant way of life or being stuck in a rut.

Aquarius is a fun energy because it gets us out of our comfort zone, it gets us doing things we wouldn't normally attempt to do, So in other words if you've been skeptical, not willing or resisting trying something new, your Aquarius energy we will Give you the boost to get started.

There is this urge with Aquarian energy to connect with like-minded people, in this energy you feel you want to be more sociable ,You feel you want to plan things more socially, like go to concerts, meet up with friends, or maybe go out for a meal and be more sociable generally .

Use this Aquarius energy to burst out of your rut And create a better future for yourself .

Even though Aquarius is fun energy, some things could come up in terms of being overly detached, intellectual arrogance, and wanting change so fast that your rebellious side comes out. Also, there is an aloofness about this energy for being a Sign of friendship, so there could be some issues with those who are too detached.

So make the most of this Aquarian season and go out and have some Fun !


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