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Eating Mindfully - Where Body & Soul Connect

The art of presence while you eat.

Mindful eating is the continuous practice of in - the - moment awareness of the food and drink you are putting into your body. It's not about being perfect, always eating the right things or allowing yourself the odd treat or two. It's more about focusing all of your senses and being present when you shop, cook, prepare, serve and eat your food. When you start to eat mindfully you become more aware and in tune with your body. This can help you to avoid over eating and help with choosing healthier, fresher and a more wholesome diet.

It's important when you sit down to eat that you feel calm and relaxed and that you don't bring all the stresses of the day to the table ! Start by taking a few easy deep breathes and focus on the food you are about to eat. How was it prepared, where did it come from, how nutritious is it, what does it look like and how does it smell ?

It's also important to eat slowly and not be distracted by looking at your phone, tablet or computer, as this will detract from you eating mindfully. Notice how the food feels in your mouth when you take a bite, savour the taste and texture and remember to chew well before swallowing.


Digestion starts in the senses, the sight & smell of food.

Digestion starts in the senses, the sight and smells of food initiate a chemical reaction and that gets us ready to assimilate and digest our food.

If your the type of person that just chews there food say 2 or 3 times before swallowing, then your digestive system isn't going to thank you for it ! As it's going to take a lot more effort to process and digest the food.

Try and get into the habit of chewing your food slowly and try to chew as much as you can to make the food small before swallowing. The smaller the particles of food going into the stomach the easier it is for the stomach to digest it. And if you have low stomach acid levels ( usually Type A blood group ) then even more reason to chew your food into smaller pieces.

Your Gut is your friend - Be kind to it !


Be in the right frame of mind

Some of us frequently mistake feelings of anxiety, stress, loneliness or boredom for hunger and use food in an attempt to cope with those feelings. This discomfort you are feeling reminds you that you want something and need something to fill the void in your life.

Try to eat when you are hungry rather than just for the sake of it. As much as eating affects how we feel, it is also true that how you feel affects what, when and how you eat.

Be grateful for the food on your plate and all the processes that it took, from growing to transporting , to preparing, cooking and finally being on your plate.


  • Eat slowly and the more you chew the easier it is to digest

  • Make sure your calm & relaxed and not feeling stressed

  • Consider where the food came from and how it was prepared

  • Feel gratitude for your food and reflect on how it came to you

  • Notice how you are feeling when you eat


If you are going to give mindful eating a go, be easy on yourself and start by just maybe doing it 1 or 2 meals a week to begin with and then slowly increase the amount of meals in a week and before you realise it you form a habit of eating mindfully at nearly every meal !

You wont regret it !


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